GP talks about the impact of the menopause on weight gain

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Perimenopausal weight gain is something that a huge amount of women struggle with due to an array of hormonal factors. But this doesn’t mean that it’s a life sentence. Perimenopause dietician Liz Blom took to TikTok to share her top diet tips for easy weight loss.

The dietician entitled her video “Perimenopause weight loss tips that really work”.

Her first suggestion was to eat protein with every meal.

Slimmers can stock up on lean meats, poultry, oily fish, eggs.

For non meat-eaters, lentils, pulses, tempeh, tofu, oats and nuts are excellent protein-rich choices.

Next, Liz recommended drinking more water.

Sometimes people think they’re hungry when they’re in fact thirsty, so having a bottle of water to hand is a good way to stop reaching for processed goodies unnecessarily.

Liz’s third weight loss hack was to get up fibre intake.

In another video, the dietician explained: “Hitting your fibre goals does not have to be difficult.”

She revealed that many everyday foods are extremely rich in fibre.

Fibre rich foods

Half of a medium avocado = nine grams of fibre

One cup of broccoli = five grams of fibre

Half a cup of chickpeas = four grams of fibre

One cup of raspberries = eight grams of a fibre

One banana = three grams of fibre

One pear = five grams of fibre

One ounce (about 23) almonds = four grams of fibre

Half a cup of peas = eight grams of fibre

Half a cup of black beans = eight grams of fibre

One cup of raw carrots = three grams of fibre

Half a cup of dry oats = eight grams

One ounce of 70 percent dark chocolate = three grams of fibre

Three cups of popcorn = three grams of fibre

Liz’s next tip for weight loss during perimenopause was to eat more veggies.

A few simple tricks for upping your vegetable intake are making veggie-based soups, chucking vegetables into a homemade juice or smoothie, and adding vegetables to sauces.

Veggie noodles and zucchini lasagna are some more creative options.

The expert’s next tip was not about nutrition but about exercise, as they go hand in hand when it comes to a weight loss plan.

Muscle mass decreases with age, so weight training two or three days a week is a good way to counteract this.

When it comes to weight loss, slimmers don’t need an expensive gym membership or incredibly complex and restrictive diet, according to the expert.

It’s all about incorporating these simple principles into a healthy lifestyle.

Liz concluded: “Keep it simple, sister, and fun.”

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