Paul Hollywood has shared his baking skills on the small screen and through a number of cook books. Over the years, he has sampled many sweet treats on The Great British Bake Off but that hasn’t stopped him from slimming down. The chef has recently made a change in his diet which has and opened up about the simple trick he used to beat the bulge. What did he do?

It’s not a diet. I’m just reducing my calorie intake.

Paul Hollywood

Paul managed to shape up by cutting one thing out of his diet, but he admitted he originally made the change for the sake of his health.

“It’s not so much about losing the weight as being healthy,” he told The Daily Mail of his transformation.

By cutting out alcohol, the celebrity chef noticed the pounds fall off and instead upped how much water he drank.

He told The Sun: “I don’t have to go out now, I just drink water all day. I promise. It’s helped shift a few pounds too.”

As well as changing his drinking habits, Paul has stayed fit by watching his diet and getting plenty of exercise.

To stay in control of his eating, the chef explained he will simply try to watch how many calories he eats rather than following a particular plan.

“I’m on a healthy eating spurt right now. I’m not thin but I’m on my way there,” he told The Daily Mail. “It’s not a diet. I’m just reducing my calorie intake.”

The Great British Bake Off judge said he has included cardio and weightlifting exercises in a bid to stay in shape.

“I’m seeing a personal trainer and boxing and weightlifting about three times a week.”

Good Morning Britain host, Susanna Reid, also cut out alcohol which helped her drop 1st 7lb. 

After admitting she was feeling heavy, the television presenter made a few changes in her diet to try and trim down.

As well as cutting out alcohol, Susanna cut back on how often she would snack and tried to watch her eating habits.

Masterchef judge and presenter, Gregg Wallace, has proudly displayed his new slim figure in a series of posts online. 

Although he has spoken about having a sweet tooth, this hasn’t stopped the chef from getting into shape.

Fitness has become an important part of his life and he has kept fans up-to-date on his progress by posting exercises on Twitter and Instagram.

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