Paul Hollywood reveals celebrity life is ‘difficult to deal with'

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Paul Hollywood has left viewers in awe over the past year after he revealed he dropped over a stone in weight. But how did he do it?

It was all down to a few specific lifestyle changes after he noticed he had piled on the pounds while filming The Great British Bake Off (GBBO).

Surrounded by delicious cakes, he previously told Sunday People’s Love Sunday Magazine: “I put on 12lb in that bl**dy tent.

“All I wanted to do was go home to try and lose the weight again.

“I am p****d off this year for the first time about it, because I was doing really well.”

He continued: “Lockdown was doing me good, not bad.

“But my exercise regime changed when I was in Bake Off because I wasn’t allowed to leave the bubble to cycle.

“I was getting back into old habits, so I sort of expected it.

“Now I’m back on it again, I’ve lost a good couple of pounds this week.”

While Paul slimmed down once again, he credited calorie counting and staying away from alcohol as the main reasons for his success.

He also got back into a rigid exercise routine and with the help of his baking talent, made all his food from scratch.

“I’ve actually lost a stone,” he told The Mirror last year.

“In fact, just over. I am working out a little bit – doing a bit of walking and running and tinkering; just watching what I’m eating really.”

He added: “I drink about two litres of water as well and I haven’t had alcohol for about four months.”

Paul enjoys to cycle around 10 miles at a time, which for the average male burns about 500 to 600 calories while travelling at a normal speed.

The chef resorted to baking his own bread, explaining: “You can control what goes into your food a lot more.”

And he enjoys it every morning with a high-protein accompaniment.

“Every morning I have a couple of eggs from the farm down the road and I make my own toast,” he said.

“So, it’s chucky eggs and soldiers and then in the evening I may have another slice of bread with tomato soup.”

The TV star revealed in order to shed a few pounds he sticks to a calorie deficit.

“I’m on about 1,100 calories a day,” he explained.

The average man is recommended 2,500 calories a day, while the average women is 2,000.

Past research has shown that there are roughly 3,500 calories in 1lb of body fat.

If a person wants to lose 1lb of body fat a week, they should reduce their calorie intake, meaning they need to be eating 500 calories less a day.

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