GBBO: Paul Hollywood refuses to try one of the desserts

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Paul Hollywood will grace our screens tonight to judge The Great British Bake Off. How did he lose all the weight?

The celebrity chef and television personality revealed that he has shed “just over a stone”.

He admitted that since filming The Great British Bake Off, which took place between May and July 2021, he steps on the scales at 12lbs heavier.  

“I put on 12lbs in that bl**dy tent”, he revealed in an interview with Sunday People’s Love Sunday Magazine.

Due to Covid restrictions, those filming the series had to form a social bubble, so Paul couldn’t leave to cycle.

However, the star knows he can stick to healthy habits.

He credits his physical transformation to the national lockdown.

In the interview, he explained: “Lockdown was doing me good, not bad.”

He became an avid cyclist, often “cycling for 10 miles at a time”.

In terms of diet, Paul decided routine was key, and ate an identical breakfast and dinner each day.

For breakfast, he went for eggs and toast.

Research suggests that egg breakfasts results in a 65 percent greater weight loss over eight weeks.

They are a low-calorie food and are rich in protein.

They also boost metabolic activity, which fuels weight loss.

Eggs also help with feeling full, which is crucial for Paul who only consumes a meagre 1,100 calories per day.

He also enjoys another piece of toast with soup in the evenings, as well as two litres of water throughout the day.

Another substantial change he has made was going tee-total.

In March 2021, he revealed: “I haven’t had any alcohol for about four months.

While many did pile on the pounds during lockdown, the closure of all pubs and restaurants at the beginning of the year did some people wonders.

Unable to visit the local pub and socialise, the temptation to drink alcohol was often reduced.

Watch Paul Hollywood on the Great British Bake Off on Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4. 

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