Dr Michael Mosley's radical new dieting approach

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For many, starting a fitness journey might be daunting, especially if you haven’t done exercise before. But expert personal trainer and WithU fitness coach Faisal Abdalla, warned there’s a very important aspect of the journey itself that actually slips people’s minds once they begin.

He laid out his top tips for a person wanting to kick-start there fitness journey, highlighting the importance of remembering a balanced diet is key.

1. Nutrition

“This is the part of your fitness journey that most people forget,” Abdalla admitted.

“Having a balanced, nutritious diet is one of (if not the) most important part of getting and keeping fit.”

He recommended drinking between two-four litres of water a day to allow the body to sustain energy for longer.

“That’s not to say you can’t have unhealthy foods, but these must be in moderation,” he added.

“If you can plan your meals ahead of time, this can notably decrease the financial outlay and inconvenience of making food.”

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2. Make yourself accountable

If a person sets themselves a goal then they’re more likely to reach it.

Says it’s important to push ourselves towards a tangible goal to ensure we keep yourself on track.

“Whether this be running a 10k by a set date, setting a new PB for your deadlift, losing a set amount of weight or bettering your focus during meditation,” he explained.

“Setting a realistic goal first time around will motivate you to hit future ones.”

3. Be Realistic

When it comes to setting goals, Abdalla reminds us to remain realistic.

“Being realistic and kind to yourself is number one,” he said.

“The athletes you see posting motivational videos everyday have been training for years.

“Work within your means, take inspiration from those who you follow but do not compare yourself.”

He advised to find a discipline that motivates is the best way of making steps forward.

And by discussing accomplishments weekly with family and friends can help add perspective and show growth, improvement and progression.

4. Train with friends

A fitness journey can be a lonely one and some people train better when they’re working out with other people.

But whether it be a class or with a spotter, Abdalla warned to “choose wisely”.

“You’re far more likely to keep to your routine if you surround yourself with the right people,” he explained.

“But be selective with who you train with.

“Ensure you are setting yourself up for success.”

5. Self-talk

For Abdalla, “mindset is key”, and he noted the voice in a person’s head is just as important as all the other factors of a fitness journey.

“It is the chief contributor to how your fitness goals go,” he said.

“Set yourself an affirmation a day, something to breed healthier habits across the board.

“This can positively affect your approach to tasks, both fitness related and not.”

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