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She is the author of The Fast 800 recipe books, supplementing the diet plan devised by Dr. Michael Mosley. She recently detailed a keto diet breakfast to support weight loss on her Instagram @drclarebailey. 

She shared the recipe, from the Fast 800 plan. It involves baking eggs with delicious ingredients to make protein muffins.

Dr. Clare said: “When you are dashing out in a hurry it helps to have a few portable options for when you need it.

“One or two of these flourless savoury cheese ham and Spinach muffins from The Fast 800 Keto will keep you going for breakfast and/or lunch.

“Each one is 151 cals, 11g protein, and only 1g of carbs.”

She went on: “The joy of these easy meals to eat on the go is that you don’t end up grabbing a sweet and highly processed snack instead and then regretting it.

“Keep the muffins in the freezer, ready for when they are needed and you stay on track.”

Dr the health expert suggested a number of other similar meals from the diet books, which are portable.

They include a protein wrap with smoked salmon cream cheese and capers, the cheesy asparagus and prosciutto bites, or the lunch box salad.

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The egg muffins are low-carb, and would fit into a keto diet.

A keto diet is often recommended by Dr. Michael and Dr. Clare as a method to shed weight.

What is the keto diet?

The keto diet was originally devised as a cure for epilepsy in children.

However, fast weight loss was found to be a side effect of the diet.

The diet requires 70 percent or more of daily calories to come from fat.

This changes the metabolism, meaning the body has to run off fat as it fuel, not carbohydrates.

The body then burns through fat reserves, which is what causes rapid weight loss.

However, there are some who do not advocate for the diet, claiming it can cause unwanted side effects and is not a long-term strategy.

Dr. Michael Mosley shared a weight loss salmon recipe. 

The health aficionado showed his fans salmon sizzling in a delicious sauce. The salmon is from Michael’s Fast 800 diet book.

Michael called it is “super simple salmon supper”.

He said: “Simmering away here, I have some salmon. What I have done is I’ve fried it up with some onions and a little bit of ginger.

“I put in two tablespoons of red Thai curry paste and some coconut milk.”

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