Dr Michael Mosley's radical new dieting approach

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Weight loss guru Dr Michael Mosley is the man behind the 5:2 diet and the Very Fast 800 Keto.

The 5:2 sees participants spend two days per week fasting with just an 800 calorie crutch and following a healthy Mediterranean diet the remaining five days.

The Very Fast 800 is a more short-term, rapid weight loss solution, whereby dieters consume just 800 calories daily for between two to 12 weeks.

This low calorie diet will be a moderately low-carb, high-protein one that priorities the Mediterranean style of eating.

But no matter what weight loss plan you are following, the expert suggested that there is one key breakfast you should be eating.

Those following a Mediterranean diet should stock up on healthy fats and oils, full-fat yoghurt, nuts, fibre, dairy, an array of multi-coloured vegetables and proteins.

Dr Michael emphasised those hoping to lose weight should be careful of which meats they eat.

On his website, Dr Michael revealed to slimmers his ideal breakfast: “Start the day with eggs.”

He continued: “Boiled, poached, scrambled or as an omelette – they’ll keep you feeling fuller for longer compared to cereal or toast.”


Adding some fibrous greens parmesan and a sprinkle of chilli are also ways to make this healthy breakfast even more delicious.

Dr Michael told slimmers to stay away from most breakfast cereals as they are “laden in sugar”.

Breakfast pastries are also often high-carb, high-calorie and low-protein.

In a video for Healthista TV, the expert revealed one of his own “go-to breakfasts” – a mushroom omelette.

He explained that eggs are high in protein, Vitamin B and selenium.

He also assured slimmers eating them will not raise their cholesterol, contrary to popular belief.

The onions that he puts in the omelette are high in prebiotics, which feeds the good bacteria in the gut, and mushrooms are full of Vitamin D, particularly if left out in the garden for an hour before cooking.

He also adds nutrient-rich spinach and flavour enhancers such as garlic, turmeric and chilli flakes.

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