Celebrity MasterChef: Bez stirs pot with a rolling pin

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Melanie Sykes is now part of Celebrity MasterChef, but she has been a TV personality for many years. The star is now more active than ever on social media and often shares pictures of her toned abs with her fans. But how did she achieve her amazing bikini body?

Melani’s secret to staying slim is simply following a healthy diet.

The TV star said she focuses on eating good carbs, avoid sugar and stick to healthy meals.

In a recent interview she said: “I’ve cut out dairy and alcohol (I hardly ever drink, it’s such a rarity), and I try to limit my sugar intake – although over Christmas I didn’t, I ate a lot of chocolate like every normal person!

“I also eat good carbs as opposed to bad carbs.

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“I’ll also have lots of greens, as colourful vegetables tend to contain more sugar.

“I tend to eat what my sons are having, but they’ll have chips or rice with it, whereas I’ll stick to a sweet potato,” she told Health & Wellbeing.

But besides following a healthy meal plan, a little exercise is essential to get her toned abs.

The mother-of-two explained that she actually goes to the gym several times a week.

“I work out an average of four times a week.

“A mixture of weight training, high-intensity boot camp classes, tennis, barre classes and reformer Pilates,” she said.

“Fitness keeps me mentally happy, and it’s an investment into my old age.

“Starting training in my 30s has definitely paid off in my 40s.”

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She continued: “And I’m hoping to keep myself fit and healthy with the right foods and exercise so that I have energy and am content into my later years.

“It makes me really happy to be healthy.

“It affects every single element of my life – it makes me a better mother, it makes me more patient and I think it just makes you feel better all round if you’re healthy.”

Regarding her favourite fitness routine, she said:

“I like to do yoga once or twice a week as it always feels amazing and it’s restorative.

“It’s a good thing to do because it involves stretching and breathing, and there’s really nothing better than that.

“I also sometimes use meditation apps, and get 10 minutes of chill out time if I can during the day, which really helps with my wellbeing,” she explained.

Melanie usually shares her healthy recipes and practices on Instagram, which include anti-oxidant celery juices and mindfulness retreats.

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