Tom Kerridge discusses his 12 stone weight loss journey

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Jose lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle working in the civil service, and subsequently put on weight which he wasn’t successful in getting off again. He decided that enough was enough and with the help of F45, changed his diet and exercise regime to get impressive results.

Jose’s sedentary lifestyle meant he wasn’t burning enough calories in relation to what he was consuming.

This meant that he put on some unwanted weight, particularly around his waist area.

Even though Jose was actively working out, exercising every day for 30 minutes or so, he wasn’t getting the results he desired.

He desired to join F45 to change his body for good. He was also very keen to improve his mental health which had worsened over the pandemic.

F45 is a global fitness community specialising in high-intensity group workouts, aiming to burn up to 750 calories per 45-minute session.

Jose took part in a two-week trial at his local F45 studio, F45 Cheltenham, before undertaking a particularly difficult challenge. He lost 3.1kg in body weight overall and gained 2.2kg in muscle mass.

The F45 Challenge is a total lifestyle overhaul – including diet and fitness – with the aim of transformative results.

The Challenge is described as follows: “The F45 Challenge is a nutrition and training programme focussed on holistic well-being.

“The combination of F45’S style of training and the Challenge meal plans is designed to help members transform their lives.”

F45 really worked for Jose, because he typically found “conventional” gym settings intimidating.

He aimed to take part in up to six workouts per week and found the structure of F45’s 45-minute classes helpful and very doable.

It meant that he could carve out specific, manageable times to focus purely on himself.

The short bursts of 45 minutes also meant he could fit them into his routine without too much hassle.

As for diet, Jose was and still is a huge food lover, so restricting himself wouldn’t have worked for him long term.

The main changes Jose made was that he started incorporating more vegetables into his diet and drinking more water.

In addition, he swapped his unhealthy snacks for healthier options, which he feels much better for.

For fellow slimmers, these are all manageable yet effective changes you can make.

The results of joining F45 and taking part in the challenge were more than just physical.

Jose’s mental health improved dramatically and he found himself to be a more confident person.

He is now half way through his second challenge and is loving it, feeling more social, energised and positive.

He is also physically much stronger, can lift more and is able to get through each class more easily.

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