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Anthony Winstone had struggled with his weight for years, until his size began to dramatically affect his confidence and day-to-day life. He spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about how he finally shifted the fat and dropped 35 percent of his bodyweight – without eating a single vegetable.

Pre weight loss, Anthony described his diet as “extremely terrible”, causing his weight to surge.

Rigorous exercise wasn’t really an option, and he even admitted to struggling with daily activities such as going for walks or playing with his young daughter.

Big experiences were tainted as well. Anthony was not able to participate in a racing day he was gifted for his birthday.

On a family holiday to Tenerife, he was turned away from a water ride because he was too big.

He told Express.co.uk that the disappointment he would feel in these situations was “absolutely shocking”.

Clothes shopping was hard too – “I used to hate it” – as it was nearly impossible to find clothes in his size.

Anthony decided that he had had enough of being big and decided to make a change in January of this year.

On Facebook he came across MAN v FAT, a programme which helps men with a BMI of more than 27.5 to lose weight and get fit through football.

Anthony found that his life changed entirely, including his confidence and mental health – not to mention his physical appearance.

So how does MAN v Fat work? There are more than 8,500 men taking part in the UK, working together to lose weight whilst playing their favourite sport.

Participants play a six-a-side game of football, with weigh-ins before matches.

If they have reached your weight loss goal that week, they are awarded bonus goals on top of the ones they physically score.

Incredibly, Man V Fat and the support it provides has helped Anthony to lose a whopping 8 stone in 10 months – 35 percent of his body mass.

While some prefer to work out alone, as weight loss can be an incredibly hard journey, Anthony found having a huge support group unbelievably helpful.

It meant that in addition to making new friends, improving his support system and bettering his mental health, he had others holding him accountable.

Coupled with the football – which he does a few times a week now with friends – the slimmer also goes to the gym a lot, focussing on cardio.

As for changing his eating habits, as a self-proclaimed fussy eater, Anthony was not prepared to eat foods he didn’t like in order to lose weight.

But he managed to downsize by eating healthy portion sizes – without touching a single vegetable.

He even allows himself treats, tucking into a delicious yet calorific KFC on weigh-in day if he has met his goal.

Anthony’s MAN v FAT transformation has had incredible physical benefits, but some can’t believe how different he looks.

He even revealed that he recently picked up his daughter from school and the staff had no idea who he was – they didn’t recognise him at all post weight loss.

As for his confidence, it has skyrocketed, even prompting Anthony to apply for his dream job, which he is now thriving in.

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