For those hoping to slim down, eating less and moving more can help them achieve great results.  Some people prefer to follow a structured diet plan and among those on offer is the Results with Lucy programme.  Co-founded by Lucy Mecklenburgh, 27, and personal trainer, Cecilia Harris, slimmers following the programme can choose from the workouts and recipes on offer or opt for a structured plan.  This year, the fitness brand launched Results with Lucy retreats, where slimmers can spend three days exercising and eating healthy food and tried this out.

What we promote with our business is balance and we wanted to show this with the retreat

Lucy Mecklenburgh

Hosted at the Lifehouse Spa in Clacton-on-Sea, the three-day retreat focused on fitness, food and wellbeing.

Lucy said: “We thought it was time. We did really hardcore bootcamps five years ago, they were alright but we went back to posting online.

“What we promote with our business is balance and we wanted to show this with the retreat. “

Arriving at the 1.30pm on the first day, guests were met by personal trainer, Cecilia Harris, for a quick overview of the days ahead.

We enjoyed some homemade protein balls and a tumeric shot before being shown to our rooms.

After quickly unpacking, it was time for the first workout of the event, which was a pilates session.

Most of the guests admitted they had never tried the workout before, but Cecilia was there to keep a watch over everyone and make sure they were using the right form.

For those considering the trip but feeling nervous about coming alone, there were lots of people there who had decided to travel solo.

Lucy explained: “We want the retreat to be about doing some exercise, relaxing and eating amazing food.

“We want everyone to leave having a good weekend with the girls.”

After the first class, it was time to get ready for dinner.

I opted for the vegan menu but guests could also choose the full menu or gluten free one.

Despite focusing on being healthy, the meals tasted great and were very filling.

After dinner on both nights of the retreat, there was the opportunity to attend talks, one focusing on a healthy diet and the other focusing on mental wellbeing.

At these, everyone was given the opportunity to ask the guest speakers and Cecilia any questions they had about health, nutrition or mental health and it was clear this was helpful to many people.

Cecilia said: “It’s so nice to sit down with the people you usually wouldn’t meet.“

The next day consisted of another three healthy meals and two workouts, legs bums and tums and a full body workout.

The hotel offered a range of spa facilities that guests were able to use at anytime.

I chose to do to this between lunch and the second workout of the day and spend some time at the pool and spa facilities.

Although guests had time to themselves, the itinerary was full enough to keep anyone who came on their own busy and have a chance to catch up with everyone else.

The workouts on the second day were particularly difficult, especially as the muscle soreness from the day before kicked in, but Cecilia and Lucy were there to cheer everyone on.

On the final day, there was one last workout and a final chance to explore the hotel before it was time to check-out.

Although most guest left feeling sore, the weekend was full of fitness and nutritional advice sure to help anyone on their fitness journey.

Lucy Mecklenburgh is co-founder of online fitness, nutrition and health platform, Results with Lucy and will be hosting wellness Results Retreats throughout 2019. For more information on upcoming retreats please visit Results with Lucy.

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