Kelvin Fletcher shot to fame with a starring role in Emmerdale in which he played Andy Sudden for 20 years. He is back on screen in the new series of Strictly Come Dancing and is partnered up with Oti Mabuse. In recent years, he has been whipped into shape and showed off his toned body when stripping down for ITV’s All New Full Monty in 2018. What routine did he use to get into shape?

Session one is a lot of accessory work and focuses more on isolation type exercises.

Kelvin Fletcher

As he began to transform his body, Kelvin would post pictures of his new frame online.

He drew attention after sharing a picture of himself topless onto his Instagram page earlier this week.

Under the photo, one fan commented: “If you’ve got it flaunt it, and you definitely have it.”

“What a lovely body!” another praised.

On his account, the former Emmerdale star has uploaded videos of himself completing intense workouts.

In a string of videos, Kelvin gave a description of workouts he was doing at different sessions with his personal trainer.

In one post, he wrote: “Session one is a lot of accessory work and focuses more on isolation type exercises, my coach has me training in the 65 to 70 per cent intensity range in contrast to some of my other days where I’m training more strength focus type movements in the 80 to 85 per cent intensity range.”

In another post, Kelvin filmed himself doing another routine and let fans know what he was doing.

He wrote: “Session two workout is more strength-focused and mainly composed of compound lifts in contrast to my hypotrophy days.

“I’m working at around 75 to 85 per cent on these days and although I have no specific rep number I have to hit on paper, I do have a specific rep target I’m aiming for on the first set of each exercise.

“If I hit it, I add weight the following week, if I fail to hit it I simply keep the weight the same the following week and aim to come closer or beat it.”

After shaping up, many slimmers will want to post about their transformation and share tips of how they achieved their fitness goals.

One man lost a remarkable eight stone in just a year by changing his diet and exercise routine. 

The slimmer began training in the gym six days a week and used an intermittent fasting diet plan.

Posting pictures on Reddit, a woman revealed a low carb keto diet plan helped her drop seven stone and seven dress sizes. 

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