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Back in 2012, Katherine Jenkins competed on Dancing with the Stars US when she dropped a stone and a half thanks to a strict fitness routine, which consisted of dancing most of the day.

Katherine trained for several hours every day for the dancing competition.

She explained back then: “I’ve lost a stone and a half.

“I’m burning so much energy now that it’s hard to put the weight back on.”

According to Healthline, dancing is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight and “besides burning a good number of calories, dancing can also increase your muscle strength”.

Katherine has managed to stay in great shape over the years and after having two children.

She explained it is thanks to her current exercise routine, which includes yoga, running and weight sessions with her PT, that she has managed to maintain her slim figure.

However, the singer said her main workout routine at the moment is “running after the kids”.

Katherine also explained she recently cut out dairy completely from her diet.

This was mainly to help her vocal cords after she became intolerant during pregnancy.

Healthline explained that “eliminating dairy can help with weight loss”.

“Milk, plain yoghurt, and other unsweetened dairy products contain lactose, a natural sugar, while other dairy products may contain added sugar,” it stated.

After having children, Katherine revealed she just follows a “sensible eating plan”.

She concentrates on “healthy living and lifestyle more than worrying about how thin I look, because that’s more important in my life”.

“I did crash dieting when I was younger.

“It’s now about putting good things into my body to give me the energy to look after the children, go to work and be the best version of myself,” she told The Sun.

A couple of years ago, she talked about her weight loss during Dancing With The Stars and admitted she “didn’t mean to lose weight”.

She explained: “I was eating a really big diet, but training every day for hours on end, so the weight just fell off.

“I certainly didn’t mean to lose so much weight and trust me, I don’t plan to lose any more!

“I love being curvy and always have done,” Katherine told Closer Magazine.

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