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It is believed Kate follows a combination of cardio and strength training on a daily basis and Isaac Robertson, a fitness expert and co-founder of TotalShape.com revealed some of the exercises the Princess of Wales may practice as part of her fitness routine based on her physique.

Isaac explained Kate’s workout routine is likely to include planking, running, yoga, Pilates and CrossFit.

“Kate takes her toned physiques exceptionally seriously. The Duchess is reportedly also a fan of CrossFit and yoga.

“She makes time to go for a run most days, enjoys cycling, and does most of her workouts without a personal trainer,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Planking burns between two and five calories per minute and it is a great exercise to include in any fitness routine as no equipment is required.

“This simple, yet very effective exercise is one of the best ways to build core strength. Apart from strengthening large groups of muscles throughout the body, including your trapezius, glutes, and rhomboids, it improves your posture by strengthening your spine.

“You will also become better coordinated, and planks burn more calories than any other core exercise,” Isaac explained.

Reportedly, Kate focuses her plank exercises on three variations. The first one is the basic plank, done by getting in the starting position for a press-up, and then lowering to the forearms.

The second variation is the side plank, “excellent for strengthening your oblique muscles, the ones on the side of your core,” the trainer said.

The last variation is the skydive plank, which is a little less demanding. Isaac explained: “While lying on your stomach with your hands next to your temples, start raising your chest and your quads off the floor as high as you can and hold for a couple of seconds, before lowering them down again.”

Women should aim for multiple sets of 10 to 30 seconds but Kate may do 10 sets of 45-second planks for each variation approximately.

Running is also a great way to start the day and it burns 11.4 calories per minute.

The Princess of Wales loves running, but if slimmers are not a fan they can try similar cardio exercises such as cycling, swimming, skipping, or even just walking.

Yoga and Pilates burn five calories per minute and are very beneficial exercises to practice on a weekly basis which tone the body and can help women over 40 stay in good shape.

Pilates can be very demanding and it mainly tones the abdomen and lower back muscles.

Kate reportedly practices CrossFit which burns 13 to 15 calories per minute and combines high-intensity bodyweight moves and strength training.

The high-intensity interval training focuses on building strength and fitness through movements like squatting, pushing, and pulling.

Isaac added: “Staying active is important, but physical activity will get you nowhere if your diet is imbalanced.

“It is crucial to get all the essential nutrients from various sources, and excluding any of the macros from your diet is not healthy and certainly not sustainable in the long run.

“The best thing you can do for your health is to focus your diet on nutrient-rich foods and incorporate physical activity in your everyday routine.

“Combining different types of exercises is important, as it ensures the activation of different muscle groups.”

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