Kate Middleton is known to have a real passion for fitness and sport, whether she’s playing a game of football against husband Prince William or becoming royal patron of rugby. Daniel Herman, founder of sports nutrition brand Bio-Synergy, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the Duchess’ likely lifestyle, diet and exercise habits.

Daniel told Express.co.uk: “Way back in 2007 I had the pleasure in supplying protein and energy drinks to Kate Middleton and the Sisterhood to fuel their training for their dragon boat charity race, so it is clear that health and fitness has very much been part of her lifestyle for many years.

“It is clear that her passion for sport and fitness has not diminished.”

Indeed, tennis sensation Emma Raducanu called the Duchess’ forehand “incredible”.

As well as their London home in Kensington Palace, Kate and William also enjoy Norfolk country home Amner Hall.

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Daniel continued: “And with country estates at her disposal I am sure long walks are part of an active lifestyle.”

As for how the Duchess stays in such great shape: “Consistency and a balanced diet is the key to long term health and fitness”.

And according to the expert, it is “clear” that Kate has a “passion” for that.

The Duchess of Cambridge is undoubtedly an incredibly busy lady, so Daniel suggested that she relies on “home workouts” when she gets the chance.

Some of the perks of this “daily routine” is that the royal can fit it in between parenting her three children children and conducting engagements – “they can be done at any time and don’t require any special equipment”.

The expert continued: “This type of training is very effective for maintaining lean muscle and fitness, giving her a solid base for other activities that she enjoys.”

While exercise is likely a fundamental aspect of the Duchess’ life, abs are not built on exercise alone – she is also probably meticulous with her diet.

“I would expect that to keep her energy levels up, breakfast would consist of oats or porridge as this will provides the energy and nutrition that she will need to face a busy day and as it is low GI will provide sustained energy,” Daniel suggested.

If paired with milk, this becomes a protein-rich start to the day, “great for maintaining lean muscle and boosting the metabolism”.

As far as snacks go, it is unlikely that Kate reaches for chocolate and processed goodies.

Rather, Daniel imagines that she opts for fruits and nuts, which provide provide “essential nutrients for wellbeing”.

What’s more, they can be “enjoyed on the move”, which is useful as Kate is always out and about.

Having snacks like these on hand is a great way for slimmers to get Kate’s physique as they won’t be tempted by unhealthy goodies.

When the Duchess finds herself at home for lunch, Daniel suggested she goes for “locally sourced produce” including a “good balance of protein and carbohydrates”.

Shying away from carbs is not necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle and staying thin.

The fitness expert continued: “It has been widely reported that Kate enjoys cooking, and that one of Prince Williams favourite meals is roast chicken, which would no doubt be served with roast potatoes and vegetables, representing a good balance nutrients.

“Overall, the diet would be a well-balanced, to meet her needs as a busy mum, royal and fitness lover.”

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