James Martin reveals that he's allergic to kiwi fruit

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Celebrity chef James Martin did not spend hours of his day in the gym or completely cut down his calories in order to maintain his slender frame after competing in Strictly Come Dancing. Here’s how he did it – and how fellow slimmers can too.

While competing, James was exercising five days a week, eight hours a day, for four months.

So when the chef went back to work and didn’t have the time to dance away any excess weight, what did he do?

He admitted that keeping it off was “extremely difficult”, but managed to do it without completely restricting himself.

The main change James made was to his diet, which he reexamined completely.

He revealed that while a chef’s job is to serve wonderful food to others, they rarely cook hearty and wholesome meals for themselves at the end of the day.

Rather, they turn to processed food and takeaways, according to the chef.

After taking part in the rigorous show, James made a deliberate effort to cook himself fresh, healthy meals.

“I no longer stuff my face with really bad things such as takeaway pizza, Mars bars and fizzy soft drinks, which I used to have tons of during my working day, just like almost every other chef in the country.”

One of the key ingredients that has helped him maintain his weight loss is protein-rich, nutrient rich oily fish, packed with Omega-3 fatty acids.

James was so convinced of the benefits of oily fish that he fronted a campaign to get the nation eating more of it – at least one serving per week.

Slimmers can follow James’ example by stocking up on oily fish, vegetables and fruit.

For the chef, a newfound healthy diet isn’t just about weight loss.

His family is no stranger to heart disease and James does not want to go down the same path.

He revealed that it is a huge problem for Britons but preventable too.

“We might admire the Mediterranean diet but we don’t eat the way the French, Spanish or Italians eat.

“On holiday, we insist on going to restaurants that serve the full British breakfast, and at home we just slather on the butter and eat far too many processed foods.”

he Mediterranean diet promotes foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, herbs, spices, nuts, and olive oil.

As for meat, slimmers can also enjoy fish, seafood and chicken.

They can also stock up on dairy, eggs, and poultry, while they should not consume too much sugar.

James said that eating healthily and losing weight is accessible to everyone.

“Good food is simply cooked food,” he told The Herald.

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