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Abbey explained: “I tried to start losing weight at the start of lockdown by doing different diets but I never stuck to them. However, in November 2020 I went to an event with my friends and we all took a group photo and I couldn’t stand the way I looked and I couldn’t believe how big I had got.”

She continued: “I didn’t want the photo on social media, I untagged myself, I was embarrassed!

“That’s when I thought that I had to make a change if I wasn’t happy.”

Abbey explained she initially tried the diets that “weren’t sustainable, like shake diets (slim fast and Herbalife) and meal replacements”.

The dieter also tried signing up to personal training programmes, “but I never stuck to them for longer than a month,” she admitted.

“I just found them boring!”

The slimmer shared the moment that changed her life forever: “In November after that horrible photo of me surfaced I remember being sat in bed at 2am thinking of what I could do to lose the weight and remember my friend telling me that I should just give Slimming World a go.

“I actually messaged a Slimming World consultant at 2am asking if I could sign up to her group and she welcomed me straight away!”

Slimming World gave Abbey the tools, guidance as well as a personalised diet plan to help her slim down but did she cut out any specific food from her diet?

She explained: “I don’t drink pop, just water and sugar-free squash.”

Abbey also claimed “swapping sugars for sweeteners” helped her lose weight faster.

“And I don’t eat any processed frozen foods,” she added.

The dieter shared how her life has changed since losing weight: “It’s crazy because I’ve lost over five stone but when I look in the mirror I still see the woman who is five stone heavier.

“I always use photos to compare my progress though and I see it.

“I feel amazing, I can do a lot more things physically.

“My eating habits have changed completely, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet because I can still eat all the foods I want, I just make them in a healthier way.

“I feel so much more confident. 

“I never used to take full body photos but now I do.

“I no longer wear the dark, baggy clothes.

“I have my sister’s wedding coming up in August and it’s abroad so I plan to reach my goal by then and I’ll be so excited to get in a bikini!”

Abbey’s social media followers were amazed after seeing her transformation with many saying she now looks “gorgeous” and praising the “amazing” change.

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