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The TV greengrocer claimed in an interview over the weekend the thought of being overweight during the coronavirus pandemic terrified him. Gregg said: “I remember thinking, ‘Oh God, what if I was still fat? I could have been really ill’.”

“I felt incredibly relieved that if I caught it I’d probably be OK,” he told The Telegraph.

“It’s made me fearful for other men.”

Gregg slimmed down from 16 stone to 12 stone in a health kick over the past few years.

The star has launched his own weight loss platform off the back of his impressive weight loss.

Loose Women: Gregg Wallace reveals he’s lost four stone

Gregg’s ShowMe.Fit is full of recipes, workouts, motivational support and nutritional guidance to help fans replicate his weight loss.

He has revealed his daily diet plan to help others shed weight.

Gregg Wallace daily diet


Sweet potato pancake with yoghurt and blackberries


Turkey egg muffins

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Pork, pear and walnut salad


Parsnip and carrot salad


Glazed salmon with a winter slaw


Orange baked chicken

He told The People: “I (lost weight) by filling myself up at every mealtime with healthy, nutritious food.

“There is no way of exercising off a bad diet. Use your conscience as a guide – it knows when you’re eating and drinking the wrong things.

“Every one of these recipes has been scrutinised by a ­nutritionist. If you want to start the New Year leaner, take these recipes as a guide.”

He has been taking to Instagram to show off his impressive six pack in the past year.

The star posted a shirtless photo displaying his toned tummy after his dramatic weight loss.

Gregg has been on his weight loss journey since 2006 when he was told his cholesterol levels were dangerously high.

He has cut back on alcohol and fat, and is eating more fruit and vegetables as well as lean protein.

He also believes in moderation and shuns fad diets, often posting motivational updates on Instagram such as: “You can lose weight without starving yourself and being uncomfortable.

“I eat nice food and I like a glass of wine. If I did it so can you.”

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