Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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Having a six-pack has long been associated with being extremely fit and healthy and for many it can also boost a person’s confidence in their appearance. While abs are mainly made in the kitchen as they require a low body fat percentage, training the core is also key to losing abdominal fat.

Ben John, a trainer at Manor and an ambassador for Lululemon explained: “Strengthening the core will build muscle and lead to more defined abs.

“It helps prevent injuries, improves upper and lower body strength, and helps people to become faster and more efficient when running.”

But experts have noted no matter how hard a person trains their core muscles, results will be minimal if they’re not performed correctly.

Follow these handy tips to increase your chances of abs this summer.

1. Change up your workouts

Personal Trainer Lucy Corrigan revealed a person needs to go beyond sit-ups and crunches to engage their core muscles.

“Your muscles adapt quickly to certain exercises. If this happens, they may stop responding altogether,” she explained.

“Mixing up your workout will keep the results coming, and be more stimulating for you. Keep it interesting!”

She went on to reveal that it’s important to focus on the core overall.

Other muscles include the external and internal obliques, which can be targeted specifically with side bridges, planks, hip-ups, bicycles, and Pilates.

2. Take a break

“The more you train abs, the less likely you’re going to see results quicker,” Lucy warned.

And doing too much could increase the risk of injury to the lower back.

“If you’re working your midsection on a daily basis, you might be overdoing it,” she added.

“Your abs need to repair and relax after a strenuous workout, just like all other muscles in your body.”

While opinions differ, Lucy suggests ab exercises should be performed on two or three days per week.

3. Cardio

Growing muscle is often confused with avoiding cardio, as some fear they will lose their “gains”.

But aerobic exercise keep one’s body fat low, as there isn’t a way to spot-reduce.

If a person’s ab muscles are covered with a layer of fat, there isn’t any ab-specific workout that will show results without help from cardio training.

“Depending on your overall goals, you could strive for at least 30 minutes five days a week,” Lucy suggested.

4. Eat right

“Alongside a consistent training routine, abs are made in the kitchen,” Lucy explained.

“Making adjustments to what you’re eating can lead to more fat loss in less time.

“Make sure you’re eating plenty of foods that are high in protein, such as white fish, chicken or turkey.

“They are extremely important in building muscle because the amino acids they contain.”

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