Anne Robinson and Miriam Margolyes discuss weight insecurities

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Anne Robinson made history joining Countdown earlier this year as she became part of the first all-female presenting team alongside Rachel Riley and Susie Dent. Having been on television since 1982 and gaining worldwide recognition as the host of the BBC game show The Weakest Link, Anne ensures she keeps her diet and exercise on track. And many viewers have commented on how remarkable she looks at 76.

Anne’s career in the media spans more than five decades.

In 1967, she moved to London to pursue a career in journalism where she met Charles Wilson.

Together, they welcome their only child Sarah in 1970 but there years later, she split and lost custody of her daughter due to her excessive alcohol problem.

In 1979, Anne joined Alcoholics Anonymous and this was a turning point for her health.

In the early 2000s, Anne was treated for skin cancer and had surgery to remove malignant melanomas.

So it is no surprise that the television presenter is keen to keep herself fit and healthy.

In 2017, Anne revealed she is “permanently on a diet” in a bid to control her weight.

“I never have breakfast. I’m like Victoria Beckham – you know, when she’s really, really, really hungry, she has a piece of lettuce,” she remarked.

Anne explained “you don’t necessarily” have to be thin to be on television, and added, “but in order to be on television when you’re old, you have to be clever and thin”.

Over the years, there has been speculation as to whether Anne has had any cosmetic procedures, she admitted to having a face lift “14 years ago” and “a bit of Botox – [but] not a lot” over the years.

Instead, she attributed a healthy, balanced lifestyle with a variety of exercise and workouts.

“To be fair, I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t eat c**p and I run and do weights,” Radio Times published.

Anne has been spotted running in Hyde Park with a personal trainer in previous years.

And she has said: “If I weren’t fit I’d be in trouble – apart from exercise and slaving over a hot pair of weights, I don’t know any other way to avoid having bat-wings under your arms.”

Diet also plays a key role, with Anne explaining she sticks to organic foods, eating lots of vegetables and fish.

In an unearthed clip from BBC’s Britain’s Secrets with Anne Robinson, she sat down with Miriam Margolyes and discussed eating habits.

When ordering food, Anne asked the waiter if she could just have a dash of olive oil on her asparagus instead of hollandaise sauce.

Miriam asked if her reason for doing so was “a diet thing” and Anne explained: “It’s sort of habit not to have anything too fattening.”

And then revealed her mother’s dietary habits had been passed onto her: “I am [interested in what I look like]. I’m a complete slave, but I had a mother who was very like that.”

Countdown airs weekdays at 3:15pm on Channel 4 today.

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