Chloe Madeley is a presenter and keen fitness enthusiast who will often share workout tips. She is married to former rugby union player, James Haskell, who is currently taking part in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. What does Chloe do to stay in shape?


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Chloe shows of her fitness knowledge working as a gym instructor, personal trainer and nutritionist.

She has shared her tips on how to shape up in her books, The 4 Week Body Blitz and The Fat Loss Blitz.

The trainer will also share diet and workout tips on her podcast, YouTube and Instagram account.

When she first tried to get into shape, Chloe switched from cardio to lifting weights.

She told Closer magazine: “Three years ago I met my now ex boyfriend, who luckily for me was a personal trainer.

“When I told him about my struggle, he laughed and told me that if I wanted body transformation, I needed to lift weights.

“I didn’t want to as I didn’t want to get bulky, but I also didn’t want to argue so I let him train me and ate what he told me to, and in a matter of weeks he had changed my body.”

Chloe will often use her Instagram account to give fans a glimpse into her intensive fitness routine and share workouts at the gym.

In a recent post, the fitness model revealed she still uses weight training to stay in shape.

She wrote: “Seven years of weight lifting and still nowhere near where I want to be. No, lifting does NOT make women ‘bulky’, lifting makes women ‘toned’.”

When staying slim, her diet has also played an important part in her results.

Chloe added: “I eat 100 percent clean foods, so all natural foods such as chicken, fish, fruit, veg, whole grains like oats, sweet potato, nuts etc.


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“I then split them so my daily intake is predominantly protein, secondary carbs, and lastly fats.”

She has also credited portion control and watching her calorie intake for her enviable frame.

“Keep the former low by reducing your portion sizes,” she told Mail Online.

They don’t need to be tiny, but they don’t need to be massive either. Alternatively, try tracking your calories on an app such as MyFitnessPal.”

Although following a diet plan may seem restrictive, the fitness model explained balance is important and she will allow herself to occasionally go off plan.

Chloe added: “There are going to birthdays, weddings, BBQs and work dos and you are entitled to have a few drinks, a slice of cake, a pepperoni pizza or an Easter egg every now and then.

“If you are healthy as a yogi all day every day, then a cheeseburger with your kids is not going to undo anything.”

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