Caroline Flack is a radio and television presenter who first appeared on screens 17 years ago in Bo’ Selecta!. Since then, she has presented shows including The X Factor and the spin-off for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. This summer, she has appeared as the presenter of ITV’s Love Island and some people may have noticed her new slimmer frame. Caroline revealed the one thing she cut from her diet to help her lose an impressive one stone.

Cutting sugar made the most difference to my body.

Caroline Flack

What did she do?

She may be busy at work but the TV star makes sure to find time to keep herself fit and healthy.

When first losing weight, she whipped herself into shape with a 12 week detox programme which helped her quickly slim down by over a stone.

As part of the detox, she cut back on alcohol and eliminated all traces of sugar from her diet.

Speaking about her transformation, Caroline said: “I went really hard with my detox. I probably went a little overboard because I was really strict in those 12 weeks.”

She added: “Cutting sugar made the most difference to my body. It’s the devil. It’s addictive and it’s in so many things you would’t even think of.”

Removing sugar from her diet meant the presenter naturally cut out a number of other foods which contain hidden sugars in them.

“Sugar is put in sauces, breads and yoghurts. It’s not always obvious but so many things are packed in sugar,” she said.

By cutting sugar from her diet, Caroline was able to slim down without restricting how much she ate.

The Love Island also revealed she makes sure to eat a healthy breakfast everyday.

Caroline explained: “Breakfast is a huge meal for me. I have eggs, avocado and bacon. I try to avoid bread or fruits and vegetables high in sugar, like tomatoes.”

As well as following a healthy diet, the host makes sure to exercise to keep her waistline trim.

She said: “I don’t calorie count. I like to eat a lot to fuel me for a big day or a good workout.

“For me, exercise isn’t just to look good. It really relaxes me and helps me de-stress.”

When trying to lose weight, some people will follow a diet plan, such as the low-carb keto diet plan. 

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