Diet Pills – debunking the myths around weight-loss pills

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Sometimes, despite your best efforts at embracing a healthy diet and doing more exercise, there is stubborn body fat that you just can’t shift. Could these three weight loss pills help you to shed body fat? Find out about the best supplements for weight loss.

Losing weight is never easy. If you’ve been following a diet but aren’t seeing the results you would like, you might consider taking a natural supplement to speed up the process.

Natural supplements can give your body a boost and help you to get trim but sadly, there’s no ‘magic pill’ when it comes to weight loss.

Any of these three weight loss pills will have to be taken in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle to see any results.

Here’s what you need to know about weight loss supplements that actually work.

What are weight loss pills?

There are many types of weight loss pills that work in different ways, depending on what is destroying your diet.

If you struggle with reaching for snacks between meals, there are supplements that work to suppress hunger and therefore cut down on cravings.

Other supplements can speed up your metabolism, meaning you burn calories faster, while others limit how many calories you absorb from food.

Weight loss or diet pills can be bought over the counter or prescribed to you by your GP, but they will always be given alongside a diet and exercise plan.

How to choose the right weight loss supplements for you

It might sound straightforward, but make sure you read the list of ingredients of whatever supplement you are thinking about using.

Many weight loss pills contain caffeine and other thermogenic aids, so if you know that any of the ingredients have a negative effect on you – your mood, energy levels or digestion, for example – then maybe consider another.

Make sure you understand how many pills you need to take and how often, as well as whether you should take them with food or water.

Bear in mind that, as with any diet, you probably won’t see results straight away. Take the pills for as long as is recommended on the packet, but you shouldn’t take them for longer than six weeks.


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Here are three of the best supplements for weight loss

Orlistat (also known as Alli)

Orlistat is a pharmaceutical drug that you can buy over the counter. It is sold under the name Alli, or can be prescribed to you under the name Xenical.

Orlistat works by stopping your body from breaking down the fat in your food, which means you absorb fewer calories.

According to a review of a number of studies, it increased weight loss by 2.7kg compared to a placebo pill.


Meratrim is made as a combination of two plant extracts to create a weight loss supplement that alters fat cells to stop them from multiplying.

Meratrim also helps to burn stored fat and reduce the number of fat cells absorbed from the bloodstream. It has also been found to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol.

An eight-week study of 100 people using Meratrim, found that they lost 11 pounds while using Meratrim alongside a strict 2,000 calorie-a-day diet.


Glucomannan, also known as Konjac, is a fibre that is found in the roots of the elephant yam plant.

When glucomannan absorbs water it turns into a gel. If it does this while in your stomach, this gel makes you feel fuller for longer, which can help to stop you from overeating.

Three studies have shown that when people use glucomannan combined with a healthy diet, they can lose between eight and 10 pounds in five weeks.

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