Adele teases the release of her new track 'Easy on Me'

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Adele, 33, is set to release her next album in a week’s time following a six-year hiatus from the music industry. Ahead of the new music, the singer has publicly spoken about her weight loss and shared the strategies which helped her overhaul her lifestyle and become healthy, losing 100 pounds, or 7st 2lb, in two years.

When Adele attended Drake’s birthday party in October 2020, she first suggested a new exercise regime. 

“I used to cry but now I swear #gingermckenna,” she commented on an image she posted to her Instagram account. 

Then, for her 32nd birthday in May 2020, she posted a more dramatic photo to thank fans for the love and well wishes. 

She was seen standing in al large gold ring with flowers around it, wearing a black dress and looking visibly slimmer. 

And when she congratulated Beyonce in August 2020, fans barely recognised the Hello singer. 

Since then, Adele was seen in a bikini top and leggings, celebrating Notting Hill Carnival. 

The only time she has really commented on her weight loss was during her opening monologue for SNL. 

She joked: “I know I look really, really different since you last saw me.

“But actually, because of all the Covid restrictions…I had to travel light and I could only bring half of me, and this is the half I chose.”

There has been so much speculation as to how Adele lost the weight and she has finally addressed the rumours, set the record straight and revealed her workout routine during a conversation with British Vogue. 

She believes “one of the reasons people lost the plot was because actually, it was [losing 100 pounds] over a two-year period”.

And the reason she lost weight was because of her anxiety. 

“Working out, I would just feel better. It was never about losing weight, it was always about becoming strong and giving myself as much time every day without my phone,” she added. “I got quite addicted to it. I work out two or three times a day.

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“So I do my weights in the morning, then I normally hike or I box in the afternoon, and then I go and do my cardio at night. 

“I was basically unemployed when I was doing it. And I do it with trainers,” which she admits is “not doable for a lot of people”. 

In order to get her “mind right” she felt she “needed to get addicted to something”, which she said “it could have been knitting, but it wasn’t”. 

“People are shocked because I didn’t share my ‘journey,’” Adele added. “They’re used to people documenting everything on Instagram, and most people in my position would get a big deal with a diet brand. I couldn’t give a flying f**k. I did it for myself and not anyone else. So why would I ever share it? I don’t find it fascinating. It’s my body.”

She went onto explain how her body has been talked about fore 12 years – both before and after weight loss, but insists she “doesn’t care”. 

“You don’t need to be overweight to be body positive, you can be any shape or size,” the singer added. 

Adele then hit back at the trainers who have claimed to have worked with her, and when asked about the rumours she followed a Sirtfood diet, she vehemently denied them: “No. Ain’t done that. No intermittent fasting. Nothing. 

“If anything I eat more than I used to because I work out so hard. And also, that whole thing of like, ‘Gets Revenge Body’… Oh my god. Suck my d*ck,” she told British Vogue. 

The London-born singer’s stunning photos will be featured on the cover of both British and American Vogue.

Adele covers the November issues of British and American Vogue.

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