Women can struggle with weight loss for several reasons, but Debra Mingoia, suffered from endometriosis since she was 23 years old which meant her body “thought it was going into early menopause”, and with that, her body constantly changed. Now, 56, she told Express.co.uk how she went about dropping from a size 12 to a size six with the help of Ultimate Performance. 

Debra said: “Like with most things, I try to be as positive as possible, so when entering in early menopause initially I wanted to manage it naturally as best as I could with acupuncture sessions once a month, exercise and natural remedies, and healthy eating.  

“No matter what I tried though, the symptoms became unbearable. My weight crept up gradually and I was possibly in denial about weight gain for quite some time. Sleep was really difficult. I did eventually give in to HRT. Anxiety played a bit part – something I’ve never really experienced but this overwhelmed me at times.” 

Whilst battling with endometriosis, Debra still “strived to maintain a level of fitness”. She explained how “running was a big part of my exercise routine for quite a while, with lots of training going into various events from 10k, half marathon to full marathon, having done London, New York and Chicago”.  

“Road biking became a big part of exercising to taking part in Prudential Ride London three times,” she added. 

Despite taking part in so many activities, Debra said she found them “challenging due to my moods, as well as debilitating symptoms”. 

She was also in the mindset of “doing all this training and eating what I want when I want”. 

As for why she chose Ultimate Performance, Debra explained she had several friends who had completed a programme with the same company and “they looked amazing”. 

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“It got me thinking as no matter what I was doing, nothing was shifting the belly fat and what I call overhang that I had since surgery and weight increase due to menopause,” she added.

“I remember saying to my friend one Christmas that I’m going to give it one last try and if I can’t get rid of this belly fat I will have surgery, so I enquired about having a tummy tuck and even went along for a consultation to get an idea of what was involved. So U.P. was my last resort before this.” 

Throughout lockdown, Debra did “lots of home workouts” and ran frequently, which resulted in a “gradual drop in weight”, so when she started with U.P, she “bought some home weights and bands”, whilst following a “food plan which was high protein diet” and a set number of “calories to stick to each day”. 

“It took me 12 weeks to get me to my target weight of 51kg,” she said. “I then continued with training and started introducing other foods into my diet and the transformation was amazing and it worked. My body fat reduced my belly fat had gone.” 

In terms of what Debra’s biggest challenge was, she revealed it “was starting the programme”. 

“We were still in lockdown and changing my eating habits and at the time giving up chocolate,” she added. “However, my trainer knew how hard this would be and incorporated three pieces of dark chocolate into my food plan and this was great and took away any cravings I had.  

“It’s all about changing your mindset and when you start to see results quite quickly, which I did, it felt amazing. I was sceptical at first, but the support, understanding and focus you get from U.P. is amazing. They keep track of you, support you, become your friend, challenge you and make things happen. I felt amazing when I reached my goal and even more so when I did the photoshoot, and still do today.” 

As for how she feels now, both physically and emotionally. Debra said: “Weight training has helped me in all aspects, I have lots more energy, improving my times in events. 

“I did a few triathlons and duathlons and improved my time each time. I felt more focused, stronger, sleep has improved immensely and even though having surgery has massively reduced the endometriosis and the symptoms, it doesn’t mean to say it has completely gone but the weight training and mindset I get from that helps enormously.”

Debra shared her advice for others in a similar situation: “Only you can make the change, you have got to put the time and effort in, but the results can be amazing. Everyone has busy lives but if you really want to do something you can. You need to find the right trainer that works with you and for me, you can’t go wrong with U.P. they have a completely different style and get results.  

“I no longer think about surgery, one I don’t need to, and U.P. have given me all the tools and understanding I need. I still dip in and out with them and am planning to go back for a block of training sessions soon. I do this mainly to keep me on track and also make sure I am not picking up any bad habits.” 

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