It’s likely that if you’ve been working from home this year, the relationship you have with breakfast has drastically changed. Without a commute, you probably have more time to start your day off with a hearty meal…but that could also lead to a breakfast rut when you aren’t sure what to make. This Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker is a quick solution and requires virtually no clean-up.
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This all-in-one appliance almost looks like a mini waffle maker since it’s so compact. When you open it up there are different compartments for each ingredient so you can cook them all and get a finished product that is warm throughout each bite.
In the first layer, you’ll add your bread, precooked meat, and cheese as desired. The second layer has an egg plate that you’ll crack an egg on top off and layer the second piece of bread on. After it cooks you’ll simply slide out the egg plate for the sandwich to form and when you open it up, your meal is ready to be served. You can also customize your sandwich any way you want and can use a bagel, add some veggies, or include an egg substitute depending on your preferences or dietary needs.
For inspiration, Hamilton Beach even has 25 sandwich maker recipes on their website that you can try out yourself. Best of all, the machine itself uses detachable pieces that are all dishwasher safe and are covered with non-stick coating so you don’t need to scrub any pesky pans before your commute from the kitchen to your at-home work space. It’s that easy.
The breakfast sandwich maker is already sold out on the Hamilton Beach website but it is still available through Amazon, so I’d suggest you order now before everyone else gets the same idea. You’ll never have to settle for a sad bowl of cereal again.

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