I don’t know what kind of fast food-eating plans you had for the rest of September, but you might want to consider Wendy’s. I say that because they seem to have a litany of deals and discounts going on right now, not to mention some new pub/bacon-themed menu items worth sampling. 

If each of those things by themselves wasn’t enough for you, then you might want to know about a new offer that manages to give you bacon while saving you money. Specifically, you can get your grubby mitts on Wendy’s new Bacon Pub Fries—for free—with a little help from the Wendy’s app. 

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Getting your hand on these fries topped with shredded cheddar, beer cheese sauce, and—naturally—bacon is simple. You just have to make a small qualifying purchase through the app, which could be as simple as a small soda, and you’ll be entitled to an order of free Bacon Pub Fries. Sadly, there is no beer you can order from the Wendy’s menu to truly make this a proper pub experience.

As with other Wendy’s offers, including the buy one breakfast item get another for $1 deal and the free ten piece nuggets with in-app purchase offer, the chance to claim your bacon pub fries runs through September 27, so you’ve got about two weeks to download the app and get going. After the deal’s over, you’ll have to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 for these jazzed-up fries (with bacon. Don’t forget about the bacon), so act quickly. 




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