No matter how I crunched, twisted, licked, etc., etc. this new cookie sandwich, it stacked up to the original. Now, if you’re a particularly picky Oreo eater, you might notice a few subtle differences. The cookie is maybe a touch crispier and, sorry for this word, firmer (??) than the original cookie, and ironically the creme filling actually seems a touch softer and less solid than the original’s. But these are only little differences I noticed after eating like, the good portion of a sleeve of them. If you take a bite of one of them and go on your merry way, I guarantee you’ll think you’re eating a classic Oreo.
But honestly, there’s a lot about this cookie I like because of its slight differences. I LOVE a crunchy cookie, so that was totally fine by me. The flavor balance is spot-on, there’s no aftertaste, and it’s definitely not too dry.
I am not gluten-sensitive in any way, but if my local store was out of classic Oreos, I’d grab these without a second thought. But that’s an ironic statement, considering these gluten-free cookies are already getting hard to find! If you spot them, whether you eat gluten or not, I’d give them a try! Or maybe wait a while and let our friends who can’t eat gluten get to them first. They deserve it!!

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