Everyone who has ever been to a Wawa leaves understanding why everyone is obsessed with Wawa. They offer every snack you could possibly need, but it’s the subs and hot food options that keep customers coming back for more. To really give the people what they want Wawa is testing a new dinner menu that might just make you add them into your weekly dinner location.
According to Food & Wine, Wawa is testing out the new dinner options in select markets with plans to roll it out through stores in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. The entire line-up won’t be available at every store, so don’t expect to see all of the new foods at your closest Wawa.
The dinner menu is going to include a burger and fries, penne or fettuccine pasta with alfredo, marinara, or bolognese sauce that you can order with vegetables, chicken, meatballs, and asiago cheese, braised chicken, pork roast, pot roast, and mac & cheese. Along with these hot meals that will be available daily after 4 p.m., Wawa is working on heat & eat meals that you can buy and make on your own time.
The frozen meals will include penne chicken alfredo with broccoli, chicken & broccoli, chicken breast, spicy boneless wings, penne pasta with meatballs, and BBQ pulled pork mac & cheese. For fans of Wawa this is a major deal, because it means you can get what you need for any meal in one place. This news also follows the recent announcement that Wawa is working on a drive-thru location, so it seems the entire chain is here to save the rest of 2020.

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