Hand sanitizer may be widely sold out, but several surprising companies like Peter Thomas Roth, Megababe, and Pipette are now selling their own versions — including this popular juice and health food brand, which is also offering complimentary delivery.

Raw Generation, best known for its collection of cold-pressed juices, recently added hand sanitizer to its product assortment. Shoppers can get the brand’s moisturizing sanitizer in sets of six for $40 or twelve for $70. And here’s the best part: It’s offering free shipping on the spray sanitizer and everything in its online store.

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Our Hand Sanitizer is anti-viral and anti-microbial. But the best part is how it moisturizes—with a blend of five, therapeutic-grade essential oils. It's a sanitizer and moisturizer, all in one bottle. In stock. Free delivery. Order on the link in bio.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #antiviral #antimicrobial #sanitizer #handsanitizer #essentialoils #moisturizer #therapeuticgradeoils #rawgeneration

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To buy: Raw Generation Hand Sanitizer Set of Six, $39.99; rawgeneration.com

The bottled sanitizer, which is meant to be sprayed onto hands, comes packaged in an easy-to-carry two-ounce bottle and features five essential oils in its plant-based formula. The spray includes rosemary, cloves, lemon, cinnamon bark, and eucalyptus oils, which give the fragrant sanitizer its spa-like scent. “We love these sanitizers for the ease of use, great smell, and especially because they leave no sticky residue,” one reviewer wrote.

While the sets of sanitizer are not included in the brand’s massive 50 percent-off sale, they do qualify for free shipping. Nearly everything else in Raw Generation’s online store — its immunity shots, juice packs, protein smoothies, planted-based soups, and more — is included in the impressive sale. Like the sprayable sanitizer, the retailer’s new produce boxes are not discounted, but come with complimentary shipping.


We have Sanitizer sprays that are in stock and ready to ship. Of course they're antiviral and antimicrobial. But ours also moisturizes. They have a blend of triple-filtered water and five essential, therapeutic-grade oils — rosemary, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, and cinnamon bark. They're tough on the bad things. Easy on everything else. Get 6, 2-oz bottles for $39.99 ($6.67 per bottle). Or stock up by getting 12, 2-oz bottles for $69.99 ($5.83 per bottle). Free delivery. Order on the link in bio. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #antiviral #antimicrobial #sanitizer #sanitizerspray #essentialoils #moisturizer #therapeuticgradeoils #rawgeneration

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To buy: Raw Generation Hand Sanitizer Set of Six, $39.99; rawgeneration.com

There’s no minimum purchase required to qualify for free shipping, but you might as well stock up and save yourself a trip to the grocery store while you’re at it. And since there’s no word on how long this free shipping offer and half-off sale will last, you better hop to it if you want to save and restock your sanitizer supply!


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