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With more people cooking at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, finding ways to elevate the at-home dining experience is increasingly important. One such way of making date nights in and celebratory occasions like birthdays feel more special at home is by adding the Swissmar Classic Anthracite Raclette to your kitchen arsenal.

Although "raclette" traditionally refers to a type of cheese known for its melting properties, it also refers to a popular Swiss dish as well as the hot plate that's used for melting cheese and preparing sides. This Swiss method of roasting cheese dates back hundreds of years but has since upgraded from open flame melting thanks to the invention of electric-powered grill tops.

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Quarantine wine and cheese nights? An evening of indoor grilling? This versatile tabletop appliance will certainly make time spent at home more memorable. It's made from nonstick cast aluminum that can be reversed to use as a grill or smooth cooktop surface. You can prepare everything from traditional raclette dishes to pancakes to quesadillas with customizable heat settings. It also includes eight heat-resistant scraping spatulas and nonstick trays with cool-touch handles for melting cheese underneath the grill top.

One user says their family uses the grill frequently throughout the week. "This cook stove, if you want to call it that, is fantastic. Most people use it for parties. We do, too, but we cook on it 2-4 times a week." The happy shopper adds that they use it for way more than melting cheese, making scrumptious seafood dishes with a side of vegetables or even using it as a food warmer.

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To buy: $115 (originally $125); amazon.com

While there isn't just one way to use this grill, if you're looking to host an authentic raclette dinner, be sure to marinate meats and vegetables beforehand and slice them into thin, bite-size pieces to ensure food cooks thoroughly. Prep the grill top with olive oil for cooking steak (or your preferred protein), Yukon Gold potatoes, and other vegetables. Then, slice cheese thinly to warm in the melting pans below the grill until you reach the desired consistency. Once the meat and vegetables are cooked and the cheese is melted, load up your serving plate and spread the gooey cheese on top to enjoy.

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