One of my very first blenders was an O.G. NutriBullet. Although itty-bitty, its powerful blades and 600-watt motor quickly crushed frozen fruits, vegetables, and ice for smoothies so smooth I could sip them through a straw. But while the personal-sized push-and-twist container was perfect for on-the-go breakfasts and snacks during college, I found myself craving a bigger container for meal prepping work-day lunches after graduation.

When the full-sized NutriBullet Blender Combo launched last fall, I quickly decided to give it a try. Lucky for me, it has the best of both worlds: It comes with personal-size cups (a 24-ounce and a 32-ounce option) plus a bigger container with a generous 64-ounce capacity. For months, it’s been my go-to for anything I need pureed to silky-smooth goodness, from small batches of hummus to a pitcher of margaritas for movie nights with my roommate. 


To buy: $105 with TAKECARE discount (originally $140);

This all-in-one machine is incredibly versatile. Of course, the interchangeable containers are convenient for portion control and cutting down on cleanup, but the appliance itself has tons of upgrades to tackle whatever dish you’re craving. Equipped with 1200 watts of power, three speeds, and a pulse feature, it not only blitzes purees and nut butters, but the larger container can even heat soup with the strength of friction and its vented pitcher. What’s more, the blender features NutriBullet’s Smart Extract program, which eliminates the guesswork of how long you should blend specific foods for smoothies.

The BPA-free plastic containers are incredibly durable, but still light enough to lift with one hand. As for keeping it clean, the Combo comes with redesigned personal blender cups that have rivets on the inside of the lid for fewer splatters and drips, and both containers are dishwasher-safe.   

I’ve tried out the Combo with a wide variety of recipes, from single-serve smoothies I drink immediately in the morning to pureed soups I freeze for a rainy day. It quickly blitzes through any ingredient I throw inside, and I love how its multi-purpose base doesn’t take up tons of space in my tiny New York City kitchen. I’m so satisfied with it, in fact, that I’ve already passed my original NutriBullet to my boyfriend.

While many powerful blenders cost as much as $300, the Combo Blender is an affordable $140. Plus, right now, Nutribullet has reduced prices on several blenders to what they were on Black Friday. You can save 25 percent by using code TAKECARE at checkout before April 5, when the sale ends.

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