There are few more universal truths than the idea that everybody likes pizza. The mere existence of vegan pizza more or less proves that point. And while the recent introduction of taco and burger-themed pizzas by Domino’s is predicated on the idea that people want to eat pizza even when they’d rather be eating other foods, pizza alone does not always make a meal.

If you find yourself agreeing with that sentiment, perhaps you should know about Little Caesars’ latest advancement in pizzamaking technology: the Slices-n-Stix “pizza.” This perfectly named product divvies up a pie down the middle, offering traditional pizza plus a popular appetizer all in one convenient package.

Each Slices-n-Stix combines four slices of pepperoni pizza on one half of a pie, with the other half consisting of eight more or less rectangular pieces of Little Caesars’ cheesy breadsticks. In case that wasn’t enough, there’s also a side of “Crazy Sauce,” which is this particular pizza chain’s way of describing a little something called marinara.

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If you’re ordering for one or two people who can’t power their way through a whole pie (no shame in that) but want to experience the best of both pizza and breadsticks, this is probably the way to do it. Given that a press release mentions a retail price of just $6 plus tax, it really is the easiest pizza-based decision you’ll make all week.

As with most unorthodox approaches to pizza, this will be a limited-time offer scheduled to start rolling out nationwide on August 31. Hopefully it ends up sticking around for a while, because the idea of serving a modest amount of pizza with a side of breadsticks that can all fit in the same recyclable box sounds like a pretty decent idea.  

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