Coffee drinkers rely on their coffee mugs the way an athlete relies on shoes or a chef relies on a spatula. They are essential. They are vital. They are indispensable. But as with any good pair of shoes or set of kitchen utensils, everyday use takes its toll, and soon it's time to replace your worn-out, scratched, and dented mug with a bright and shiny-new one.

With an average 4.6-star rating and a whopping 45,000 reviews, Contigo's Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug is adored by shoppers for its sleek, easy-to-hold design and Thermalock vacuum insulation that keeps coffee hot for hours on end. (Contigo says hot things stay hot for 5 hours; cold for 12.) The mug comes in three sizes — 16, 20, and 24 ounces — and 20 colors with clever names like chard, dark plum, and earl gray. But by far, the most praised and appreciated part is the Autoseal Technology which makes the mug's lid leakproof.

"[It] is still the best coffee cup I've ever owned," wrote one customer. "I've never once had a spill with this cup. I take it to work everyday in my bag, the same bag I carry a computer and a iPad and papers etc within. That's how confident I am."

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But if you needed another incentive to replace your old, beat-up coffee mug with a new one, here's a good reason: the 16-ounce travel mug is currently 20 percent off, once you factor in the instant Amazon coupon savings. At just over $15, you've got several good reasons to buy one of these mugs to keep at your house and possibly one to keep in your office — and possibly one to keep for back-up and one to keep for when your kid steals yours. And if you are already looking for holiday gifts for neighbors and friends, stock up on a few to have a great gift at hand for anyone. Just add a bag of your favorite type of coffee or a homemade coffee-infused baked treat for a little gifting personalization.

The push-button Autoseal technology means you can open the mug's lid locking mechanism with one hand and sip or pour your coffee. When you're done, the lock will close, meaning even if you knock the mug over, nothing will spill from the lid. If you're placing the mug in a bag and don't want to accidentally engage the button that opens the lid, just lock it in place with a tab that's located on the top of lid.

"I can confidently throw this into my purse or gym bag upside down or sideways, and there will not be even a drop that comes out," another customer wrote.

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For cleaning, the lid also disassembles, and it's dishwasher safe in the top rack so you don't have to worry about hand washing all the intricate parts. You'll need to hand wash the tumbler itself, however, as washing it in a dishwasher could damage it and break the vacuum seal.

The coffee mug is sized to fit in most car cup holders, so you can easily bring this with you on the way to work, the kids' soccer games, or when you're running errands. Plus, it also fits under most single-serve brewers, so you can make your favorite cup of Joe right into the coffee mug itself.

If you've been holding onto the same coffee mug for far too long, give yourself a fun new upgrade with this top-rated Contigo insulated coffee mug. At just $16.79, you'd be almost foolish to let pass the opportunity to give your morning routine — and that of friends and family members, if you're in the gift-giving mood — slip by you.

Buy it: Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug, $17.99 ($16.79 with Amazon coupon); Amazon

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