You may have thought Halloween was the holiday for all things candy, but it seems that December is coming in hot with all new candy offerings. You’ve heard about half-pound Reese’s and massive Snickers bars, but allow me to introduce you to the latest behemoth…this huge Dum-Dums lollipop.
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@Frontpagefoodfinds found this large candy at their local Big Lots and, no, your eyes do not deceive you! The food news Instagram account held up the lollipop so you could see it in size comparison to their hand and it’s clearly much larger than the Dum-Dums you usually come across at the grocery store.
Rightfully called “Mega Pops,” these huge lollipops are actually just oversized for show and are full of 10 of the typical (actually edible) Dum-Dums in assorted flavors. This is kind of a bummer but may be a true blessing in disguise because there’s no way you could eat a lollipop of such insane size. This way, you can get the shock factor of a gigantic lollipop under the tree but can actually enjoy what’s inside of it.
There is a listing for the Mega Pops on Amazon, but at the moment, they’re sold out. Another site called Spangler Candy does sell 10 of the Mega Pops for about $58 in case you’re in the market for lots and lots of candy. You can always give out a couple for Christmas, then some for Valentine’s Day, and save the rest for Halloween if you need a game plan (and an excuse to buy them).

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