Everyone’s got a go-to fast food joint for everything: a chicken sandwich, a burger, fries. But no matter which chain you prefer your fountain sodas from, we can all agree: fast food ice tastes better than any ice cubes you can get from your home fridge. Here’s the best news—you can make those same chewable cubes at home, FINALLY.

Countertop Nugget Ice Maker
You’ll never again have to wait for your next trip to the drive-thru to get that ice, because the GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker makes that beloved ice. It’s called a “nugget ice maker” because of the mini size of each piece of ice.
This is exactly the kind of ice most fast food joints put in their drinks—the kind that melts evenly and is easy to chew once you’ve finished your drink. I’m not too prideful to admit I’ll take the cap off and shake every last bit into my mouth after I finish my drive-thru drink. Ice like this is so coveted, people have even bid hundreds of dollars for a cup of fast food ice from Sonic. It’s really that good!
With this at-home maker, you just fill one compartment with water, and within 20 minutes you’ll have up to three pounds of fresh ice to use for water, cocktails, or, you know, just to chew on.
It’s also a smart appliance, so the ice maker can be linked to your phone via bluetooth so you can set up an ice schedule. This might sound insanely extra, but with the holidays coming up it could be a nice feature to use so you can make sure you always have fresh ice for your guests while you’re hosting. Even if you don’t use it all up, the water from any melted ice is then reused to make even more. It’s a beautiful thing really. The circle of life, or, uh, should we call it the circle of ice?

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