Christmas is still months away, but advent calendar season is already upon us. From wine and nail colors to Funko Pops and Disney story books, many brands have begun launching their gift sets in preparation for the holidays. If you’re looking for something with a regal touch, look no further than Charbonnel et Walker’s 2020 Chocolate and Truffles Advent Calendar. 

Fans of the British royal family will surely recognize the brand: As a holder of the Royal Warrant of Appointment, Charbonnet et Walker is one of approximately 800 retailers and companies that provide goods and services to Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Prince Philip. It’s a special distinction given to brands that have supplied the three royals for at least five years, and it’s an unparalleled nod of approval.

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Buy It! Charbonnel et Walker Christmas 2020 Chocolate & Truffle Advent Calendar, $95; 

Charbonnel et Walker’s Royal Warrant was appointed by the Queen herself, but its royal connection goes back to her great-grandfather, King Edward VII. The then-Prince of Wales encouraged Virginie Charbonnel to establish a sweets shop with Minnie Walker in London, and ever since, the brand has produced decadent chocolate truffles with fillings like pink champagne and English afternoon tea. Even Princess Diana and Princess Margaret were past customers, as well as Taylor Swift, who called the chocolatier’s English rose and violet creams a favorite treat. 

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With 25 mini boxes each containing a selection of the brand’s milk chocolates, dark chocolates, and truffles, the Charbonnel et Walker advent calendar is a great way for stateside foodies to try the British brand’s luscious offerings. The calendar isn’t the only seasonal set you can grab now — there’s also a spooky Halloween gift box that adds a royal touch to trick-or-treating, a “Peter Rabbit”-themed advent calendar, and peppermint cookie-filled truffles. 

Previous holidays like Valentine’s Day saw Charbonnel et Walker’s gift boxes fly off shelves, so take a look at its festive selections below before they’re gone. 


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