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One of the biggest kitchen challenges is that garlic and onions, some of the best flavor-enhancing ingredients, leave stubborn odors that last longer than the meal itself. It's nearly impossible to avoid smelly fingers when meal prep involves hand-mincing and chopping these veggies. But there's a simple tool that can get rid of their odors in seconds.

It's a stainless steel soap-shaped bar that shoppers swear works "like magic." All you have to do is rub the bar against your skin as if it were actual soap—no water required. Once you "lather" your hands for about 30 seconds, shoppers say you won't smell a trace of whatever food you were handling.

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"I 'washed' my hands with it like I would normally with a bar of soap," wrote one admittedly skeptical reviewer. "I thought I was doing a bit of a joke with this fake bar of soap but afterwards I sniffed my hands and I couldn't smell a thing."

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The Rub-a-Way bar's ability to get rid of smells might seem supernatural, but there's no voodoo in its design. In an article for ThoughtCo, chemistry expert Anne Marie Helmenstine wrote that sulfur from foods like garlic and fish are attracted to the metals in stainless steel products, like the bar.

"The sulfur compounds bind to the steel—efficiently removing the odor from your fingers," Helmenstine, who has a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences, explained.

Shoppers have used the bar after workouts, deep-cleaning sessions, and time spent working on their cars. Each time, they say the stainless steel bar works like a charm.

"Suddenly, your hands smell like hands again," wrote one shopper. "I've used it after handling several 'smelly' items that have a tendency to make an odor stick with you. It's worked consistently every time."

You can buy one bar for $9 or get two for $17 and save a buck. Based on the reviews and the 7,000 perfect ratings, you won't regret it. Now, if only there were something out there to stop the crying that comes from chopping onions…

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