Multi-tasking in the kitchen is always a tough skill to get a handle of. You want to make sure no pots are overflowing and nothing is getting burnt and it can be a lot to deal with! For people who prefer to get a few things done at one time in the kitchen, there are a few tools you can purchase to make this even easier and this five-section frying pan is one of them.

Divided 5 Compartment Pan
This multi-compartment pan is divided into sections with two longer surfaces on each end and three small ones in the middle. The divots in the pan ensure none of the food touches in between sections and the nonstick material means you can cook just about anything on it.
For those who want to be more efficient while cooking, this pan is a great option because you can prepare your main dish and sides all using one pan which also means clean-up will be effortless. The two outer sections have a texture to the bottom making them ideal if you want sear marks on foods like steak or fish.
You can cook anything on these pans but I would say that the sectioned off aspect of it makes it great for breakfast foods so you can make your eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes all at once. The pan comes in black and blue and can be purchased right now from Walmart for $28.95, which is a pretty good price for a lifetime of easy kitchen multitasking, no?

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