While watching our favorite TV shows and movies, we’ve all had a moment where we’ve wanted to eat whatever is on-screen…like the bugs in The Lion King, don’t @ me!! And though I would not advise going out and digging up some slimy creatures for yourself, I WOULD suggest this series of cooking classes inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows.
Cozymeal, the online cooking class platform, has introduced a new pop culture series, rolling out some new lessons inspired by your favorite characters and their diets. And no matter what type of fan you are, there is definitely something for you on here. Harry Potter fans will love the Quidditch Cup After Party class, where you can make things like Slytherin Spinach Artichoke Dip, the Sex and the City-themed Sushi Night, which features rainbow rolls and Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite Cosmopolitan, and The Crown-themed Afternoon Tea Party. Our personal favorite is the Out of This World Mandalorian-themed Meal, where you’ll make Grogu’s faves like bone broth and Blue Milk Macaroons.
You can book each Zoom class for $39 per device. Each class is fully interactive and you can ask the chef as many questions as you need to throughout the cooking session (phew!). You can also easily order all the groceries you’ll need for each class online, or head to the grocery store with a full list of ingredients. All that’s left to do is clear a space in your fridge for all that delicious food!

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