Skittles Impossible Egg Hunt
The new Skittles Impossible Egg Hunt consist of fun-size Original packs like you would give out on Halloween. They are filled with the strawberry-, orange-, lemon-, green apple-, and grape-flavored candies that you know and love. The catch here is that the packs are disguised to make the hunt especially challenging. So when you hide them around your backyard, the packaging will blend into the grass and bark. There’s even one that will blend in with your kitchen floor for an indoor competition.
“Hide them in the grass, trees, or inside eggs, either way they won’t be easy to find! Each Skittles Impossible Egg Hunt chewy candy bag contains enough individually wrapped Fun Size packs to create sweet Easter candy fun for everyone,” the description says.

The Skittles Impossible Egg Hunt packages are rolling out on shelves now at retailers, including Target, so why wait to start the fun? Each 10.72-ounce bag includes about 20 individual bags, so we hope your kids are ready to be searching for quite a while.
From: BestProducts
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