Dish towels are the unsung heroes of any kitchen. They’re not only there to clean up our messes, but also serve as substitute oven mitts, polishing pros, and even the occasional make-believe cape (just my childhood?). And with so much riding on the humble cloth, you want to invest in quality materials.

That’s why I was so excited when I learned that Brooklinen, makers of the internet’s most-loved sheets, just launched a weave that’s perfect for kitchen tasks. The brand’s new Waffle collection is made of 100% Turkish cotton and designed with a unique texture to quickly absorb water. It’s not only lightweight, but the knit’s modern, minimal look and variety of colors is a welcome change from the well-worn terrycloth towels I’ve been using.

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Brooklinen also made a few improvements to the traditional waffle weave. Dubbing its new knit a “Goldilocks” square design, the cloth’s waffles are slightly smaller to minimize drying time and snagging. And there’s no need to stress about these towels warping; they stretch back to normal shape easily.

The collection includes everything from extra large “bath sheets” to a luxurious bathrobe that’s perfect for lazy Sundays lounging on the couch—but I was most interested in seeing how the hand towels held up in the kitchen. 

Measuring 20-inches by 30-inches, the cloths are plushy and soft. Their thick, doubles-as-an-oven-mitt knit protected my hands as I removed quick bread from the oven and easily dried the bowls and baking pan after I cleaned up. I also found them sizable enough to wrap around my loaf to keep it warm until my boyfriend came home from work. I haven’t needed to wash them just yet, but if they’re anything like Brooklinen’s other cult-favorite offerings, the fabric will just get softer with every load. 

The waffle-weave towels come in four different hues—white, smoke, graphite, plus a millennial pink flamingo—and cost $29 for a set. Scroll down to check them out, but don’t worry: The new-and-improved kitchen heroes can still handle whatever dirty work you throw their way.




To buy: $29 for a set of two; brooklinen.com




To buy: $29 for a set of two; brooklinen.com




To buy: $29 for a set of two; brooklinen.com




To buy: $29 for a set of two; brooklinen.com

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