I think, by now, we all understand that Easter’s going to look a little different this year. Large gatherings won’t be happening (in the physical sense, at least), holiday feasts will be scaled back, and some families may have to postpone their egg dyeing traditions—it’s not like eggs are easy to come by right now, after all.

That’s why we scoured the internet to find the best Easter egg alternatives out there.

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Some are edible, some aren’t. Some use plastic or wooden eggs, some don’t.

But one thing’s for sure: These ideas are perfectly family- and quarantine-friendly.

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1. Bake and decorate an Easter egg cake.

OK, you’re probably going to have to crack an egg or two to make actual cake. But that’s small potatoes compared to the two dozen eggs you would’ve dyed and thrown away pre-COVID-19.

Get the recipe: Easter Egg Cake

2. Get outside and find some rocks.

Look for smooth rocks that will be easy to clean and decorate. Use colored sharpies and paint pens to design funky patterns.

Via Little Fish

3. Dye marshmallows instead of eggs.

Not only is this a perfectly edible alternative to traditional Easter eggs, it’s allergy-friendly!

Via Nerdy Mamma

4. Sew festive pockets for Easter egg hunts.

Sustainable? Check. Practical? Check. Absolutely adorable? Check.

Via Small Wonders

5. Paint wooden eggs.

We love this rustic alternative to plastic Easter eggs. The best part: Since they last forever, this family activity could turn into a treasured heirloom.

Via Paper & Glue

6. Knit colorful, multi-purpose Easter eggs.

Granted, this probably isn’t the most kid-friendly craft. But, if you’re a seasoned knitter, you can use these colorful “eggs” year-round—they double as pin cushions!

Via Love Crafts

7. Make abstract yarn eggs with balloons.

This easy craft doubles as abstract art. Stick your finished creations in a bowl and call it a festive, Easter-themed centerpiece.

Via Create and Craft

8. Use plastic eggs to make Jell-O treats.

Delicious and easy? Count us in.

Via Spend With Pennies

9. Bake and decorate Easter egg pastries.

You’ll need one real egg (to use as egg wash) to give these pastries a smooth, shiny finish.

Via Hungry Happenings

10. Paint plastic eggs with chalk paint.

This is probably the most Insta-worthy idea on this list, TBH.

Via The Mom of the Year

11. Make Easter egg ornaments with baking soda.

Because why not? Seasons don’t exist anymore.

Via The DIY Dreamer

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