Update, November 5, 2020: It’s November, which means it’s time to begin our long hibernation of eating nothing but comfort food. Give me all the cheese, all the carbs, and please stick a burger in there too. Basically, just give me Sonic’s Queso Burger, which has thankfully returned after six long months.
The chain quietly announced the return of this glorious burger on its homepage and we couldn’t be more excited. Just to refresh your memory, it’s made with a quarter-pound beef patty that’s topped with both melty cheddar and zesty cheese sauce. It’s then topped further with chiles, grilled onions, and mayo sandwiched between a toasted bakery bun. YUM.
There’s no telling how long it will stick around, so if you’re ready to feel seriously comforted, get thee to a Sonic ASAP.
Original, May 2, 2020: Sonic quenched our thirst when it dropped two summer-ready slushes last month. The Red Bull slush made its grand return to the drive-in, while a Red Bull Watermelon version offered a brand new way to refresh. Yes, the possible brain risk of freeze is worth it.
Queso is the breakout star this month at the drive-in chain, with Sonic announcing an inventive new way for America to enjoy one of our favorite appetizers. Meet the Queso Burger, which weds melty queso and hatch green chiles with the brand’s mouthwatering cheeseburgers.
The Queso Burger has a 100% pure beef quarter-pound patty covered in both melty cheddar and zesty cheese sauce. Along with the chiles, the burger is also topped with grilled onions and creamy mayo before it’s tucked into a toasted bakery bun.
And let’s be clear: Queso takes center stage. Per Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development:
Like those Red Bull slushes, it’s sadly available for a limited time only. So grab one or two (or three) while you can, folks.
Sonic drive-ins are under a dine-out only policy in order to keep employees and customers safe amid the COVID-19 outbreak. While customers can still order via the drive-thru window, the Sonic app can also be used for contactless ordering and payment. You can read more here.
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