Yes, my friends. Billboard-topping artist and beloved human Selena Gomez is sitting on the world’s biggest bottle of Hidden Valley ranch dressing. The bottle she has is so large that I can’t even tell what kind of wine is sitting in the fridge behind it—in fact, I can only tell it’s wine because I see the tip of a skinny bottle neck and a cork! That’s it! The ranch bottle otherwise obscures the entire width and height of the alcohol behind it!

Hidden Valley Ranch – 2/40 Oz. Btls.
I did my best to find something comparable for you to buy (because who among us at this point in time doesn’t deserve a mondo bottle of the stuff?), and could only find this two-pack of 40-ounce bottles on Amazon. That may be the size Selena’s got, but in order to be really sure, you’re going to have to stack some wine behind it and see what you’re working with. If worst comes to worst, you can always keep buying these two-packs and…emptying them into your bathtub?
Oh god. I don’t know. Enjoy Selena’s fridge tour above.
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