Amazon Prime Day isn’t for a few more weeks, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to score some deals. In the lead-up to Prime Day, Amazon will be rolling out special discounts and daily sales, so it’s worth it to keep checking their deals section. (They really know how to get us.) Right now, Prime members can save 20 percent on Amazon exclusive pantry essentials, including snacks and coffee. If you’re curious about Amazon’s pantry inventory, it’s actually really good and includes plenty of healthy yet delicious options. We rounded up a few of our favorites below — and if you’re not a Prime member yet, you can sign up for a 30-day trial here!

Happy Belly Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix (16 Oz, Pack of 2), $10.44 $8.35 

Who doesn’t love trail mix? This sweet and spicy option is full of hot & spicy peanuts, butter toffee peanuts, Cajun sesame sticks, toasted corn, honey sesame sticks, and almonds. Keep it at your desk during the day for a little energy boost.

AmazonFresh Just Bright Ground Coffee – Light Roast (32-Oz), $15.49 $12.39

This Light Roast brew has a bright flavor and was roasted in the U.S., but comes from Central and South America. Reviewers describe it as pleasant and full-bodied, and not too acidic. Also check out AmazonFresh’s Dark Roast and Medium Roast blends.

Wickedly Prime Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzels (44-Oz), $10.57 $8.46

If you also think that peanut butter-filled pretzels are a gift to this world, you’ll love Amazon’s own version — although you may want to buy in bulk.

Happy Belly Roasted & Salted California Almonds (48-Oz), $15.99 $12.79

Roasted and finished off with some sea salt, these California-harvested almonds are a satisfying snack delivered in a resealable bag. Also check out Happy Belly’s Mixed Nuts and Whole Raw Almonds.

Wickedly Prime Roasted & Salted Plantain Chips (12 Oz, Pack of 4), $15.76 $12.61

Looking for something new to dip your into your favorite dips and salsas? Try these plantain chips, which are small, thin-cut, and a perfect midday snack. You can also purchase the Simple & Slightly Sweet flavor, as well as individually or as a pack of 36.

Solimo Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Unrefined (54-Oz), $16.12 $12.90

It’s not just snacks included in this deal — you can score a jar of this popular coconut oil as well. It’s cold-pressed, certified organic, and GMO-free, making it ideal for all your cooking and personal needs. You can also order a refined, 15-ounce option.

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