To know Miss Robyn Rihanna Fenty is to love her, and to be a fan of hers requires a lot of wishful thinking—and sleuthing. One fan account did just that, and found evidence of what could potentially be a kitchenware line in the works by Rihanna herself. This is huge, people!
Rihanna pivoted her career a bit after the release of her 2016 album ANTI, and she’s been growing her cosmetics and lingerie line ever since. Now, it seems that her company, Roraj Trade LLC, has filed a trademark application for a venture called “SORRY, I’M BOOKED” which will cover “tableware, namely forks, knives, and spoons.”
Fenty Furniture? Fenty Cooking?👀

Rihanna’s company Roraj Trade LLC has filed a new trademark application titled “SORRY, I’M BOOKED” intended to cover the categories of: tableware, namely forks, knives and spoons, publications dealing with culinary topics and more. 🍽️
The news was spotted by Rihanna fan account @TeamOfRihanna on Twitter, and although it’s not new music, fans seem to be excited about it. The post now has over 2,000 retweets, and there is also some chatter that the trademark covers publications dealing with culinary topics as well. This could all very well mean that Rihanna is working on housewares and a magazine of some sort that could give us an inside look at her diet, recipes, and whatever else she creates in the kitchen.
I will truly follow Rihanna into the dark, so if she finds a way to make utensils high fashion then I’d have no problem splurging on a set or two. Same goes for her thousands of fans who are still streaming ANTI to fill the void she’s left in the music industry—as one fan so eloquently put it: “We told her to feed us and she thought we was talking about food…” I’m not complaining, though!
we told her to feed us and she thought we was talking about food…

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