The average 9-by-13-inch baking dish—the kind you’d use for lasagna or moussaka—is about two inches deep. But now, Pyrex has escaped those confines and opened up a whole new world of ingredient-layering possibilities with a line of deep dish bakeware (three inches deep, specifically).

Available in three sizes—9-by-13 ($18), 8-by-8 ($14), and 7-by-11 ($16)—at, Walmart, and Amazon, Pyrex Deep baking dishes come with fitted lids, to make for easy transportation and minimal sauce spillage. “Our latest innovation was designed for the needs of home bakers and cooks who want to explore new recipes with more flavors for more people,” Ken Wilkes, CEO of Pyrex parent company Corelle Brands said in a statement. “Pyrex Deep bakeware is all about bringing more people together. So instead of just inviting the neighbors, why not invite the whole neighborhood?”

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If you do, in fact, feel like throwing a party, the company teamed up with Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi on two crowd-pleasing recipes: Cornbake 8-Layer Dip (the pastry chef’s take on corn casserole, topped with taco beef, refried beans, sour cream, avocados, tomatoes, and more), and Strawberry Lemon Cake (layers of vanilla cake, lemon cheesecake, Tosi’s signature milk crumbs, pickled strawberry jam and frosting).

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In other Pyrex news, the bakeware label made headlines a few months back, thanks to a few diehard fans who decided to memorialize their favorite vintage Pyrex patterns in tattoo form. While some introduce the floral designs into an armband or incorporate the motifs into a full sleeve, others take things in a more literal direction and tattoo entire stacks of Pyrex bowls on their forearms—like the guy above, who got this tat as a tribute to his Pyrex-loving wife. If that’s not true love, then we don’t know what is.

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