After a while, we spend so much time with certain food mascots, we start to feel like we know them. This is probably why when they change, it can be very noticeable!! Like, when Toucan Sam suddenly got a very animated makeover and everyone totally freaked out. Now another iconic mascot—Mr. P—is getting a new look after two decades on the can.
Pringles announced today that its cans would be getting a new look for the first time in 20 years. The new cans have a “new look that features bold hues and a clean design, highlighting the crisps’ inventive flavors and unique, stackable shape,” according to the company. You’ll see that Mr. P is rocking a more simplistic design, so I guess he’s, like, super into minimalism now. How chic of him! His new look highlights a “more dynamic mustache, sharper bow tie, sparkling eyes and expressive eyebrows.”
Oh, and in honor of the new look, Pringles is teaming up with Victor Cruz for a new contest. You can enter for the chance to win $1,500, as well as some Pringles products featuring the new design. To enter, tweet your favorite Pringles flavor with the hashtag #FreshAsMrPEntry. For the record, my favorite flavor is Pizza.
The new look will be featured on Pringles’ new Scorchin’ line which will be available in stores and online this December, and you’ll start to see cans with the news Mr. P roll out everywhere in early 2021. Say it with me: CHANGE IS GOOD. As long as Pringles continue to keep tasting delicious (…they will) and my hand continues to get stuck in the tube as I go for the last chip (…it will), then I’d say we’re all good here, TBH!

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