The origins of stuffed crust pizza are shrouded in mystery. Perhaps inspired by Pão de queijo, Brazilian pizza entrepreneur Rubens Augusto Junior claims to have created the concept back in the 80’s. Others believe Pizza Hut pioneered the concept in the mid 90’s. Either way, there’s no doubt that few developments have refined pizza’s already winning formula quite like the concept of putting more cheese where one would normally only find bread.

Now, it looks like Papa John’s, a chain that’s no stranger to unorthodox pizza techniques, is getting in on the stuffed crust fun. Apparently, select test markets across the US can now upgrade any large pizza to an Epic Stuffed Crust pizza for just $3 extra. That’s not to mention the fact that a one-topping Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza is on sale for $12.

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Based on what’s known so far, the Epic Stuffed Crust add-on is pretty much exactly what you’d expect: melted cheese inside of Papa John’s existing pizza crust. It may not match the creativity of Little Caesars’ recent decision to combine half a pepperoni pizza and cheesy breadsticks into one circular package. However, the fact that you’re getting what amounts to a giant circular mozzarella stick in addition to a large pizza, it’s hard to complain about what you’re working with.

For now, it seems like you have to be ordering your Papa John’s pizza from certain locations in Ohio, Kentucky, and Texas in order to epically stuff your crust. Unless they really manage to screw something up during this R&D phase, though, it should probably be available nationwide at some point. And how do you screw up a stuffed crust pizza? 

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